Frequently Asked Questions

What is a makerspace?

A makerspace is a community space where people of all ages can build things, learn and teach new skills, and gain access to traditional and cutting-edge tools and technology.


Why is the makerspace called the Sara Sherman NOW Lab?

The Sherman family has generously donated funds in memory of their daughter Sara Sherman.


Why is Goodnow Library creating the NOW Lab?

Public libraries are community hubs, not just holding areas for books. We offer free information, technology, programs for all ages, and inspiration for you and your family.


Where will the NOW Lab be located?

The NOW Lab will be located in the space currently occupied by the Teen Room and the Reference offices.


Is the Teen Room going away?

Absolutely not. We are in the process of completely renovating the second floor of the library. The Teen Space will be relocated and the furniture will be upgraded to make collaborative study spaces work better. The Teen book and media collection will be consolidated, but not condensed.


Will the NOW Lab be available only to teens?

It will be available to people of all ages.


When will the NOW Lab be ready?

Construction began in the Fall of 2017 and we hope to be finished by Spring 2018.


What hours will the NOW Lab be open?

The NOW Lab will be open whenever the library is open. All tools may not be available at all times, especially during scheduled programs. We hope to attract enough community volunteers who will be certified to operate equipment and assist others when library staff is not available.
Please contact us to volunteer your time and share your skills!


What kind of tools will be available?

Major pieces of equipment already purchased include a 3D printer and a computer-controlled vinyl cutter. Future purchases will include a computer-controlled laser wood cutter, a large format color printer, a digital video editing station, and a MIDI synthesizer with a digital music editing station.


So all the tools will be high tech?

No. We will also have sewing machines, knitting needles, art supplies, and hand tools for more traditional crafts. It is our goal to support all kinds of making and to provide a space where people of different generations and skill sets can meet and share ideas.


What will it cost to use the NOW Lab?

As with most library services, it will be free. Patrons may be charged a nominal fee for materials, to help defray expenses, just as with photocopying and computer printing.


Who is paying for all this?

The NOW Lab and the second floor renovations will be privately funded through donations to The Goodnow Foundation. The Goodnow Foundation was established in 2008 as a tax-exempt, non-profit, 501c(3) charitable organization to raise funds for the library.


How can I donate?

Contact Samantha Greenfield by calling (978) 440-5562. You can also reach her at goodnowlibraryfoundation@gmail.com.

Donations may also be made online at http://bit.ly/goodnowdonate.


More questions?

Email us at nowlab@sudbury.ma.us.